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How much do you know about the rules of high heels?
From: Foshan Xingzhi Shoe Material Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-04-13

As the saying goes, "A good horse matches a saddle". If you want to have a beautiful shape, you need not only good clothes but also suitable shoes. No matter how valuable shoes are, it's not enough to allocate a whole cabinet of clothes. Advocate that girls choose different styles of shoes to distribute different styles of clothing, will improve your overall shape level. Fashion is to be meticulous. Let's look at these seven shoes.

High heeled sandals

High-heeled sandals and a variety of clothes can achieve the overall role of elegance and fashion. To achieve the best effect, you can use high-heeled sandals to distribute rich pictures, even jackets with embroidery pictures, to achieve the role of reverse foil. As for the tie, the thinner the better. Assuming you wear a simple casual dress, you can choose high-heeled sandals with rich details to distribute it. Allocation on the left side of the diagram.

High heel boots

In fact, it is not necessary to wait for the cold season to wear high-heeled boots to go out. And, contrary to the high-cold that high-heeled sandals sometimes bring, high-heeled boots always make the wearer's temperament more agreeable. A pair of stiff-looking high-heeled boots with a soft layered jacket will make the whole person look very relaxed and casual. Tight and fit boots can also be well distributed with multi-level clothing.

Heel shoes

The distribution of thick heels is very cautious. If it is good, it can add a lot of color to the whole. If the distribution is not good, all of them are possible. Loose jeans can actually be well distributed with thick heels, creating a sense of leisure as a whole. In fact, the key to the distribution of thick heels is very simple, as long as you use other loosely looking clothes to distribute, so that the overall balance can be achieved.

Roberto Botticelli

The popularity of open-toed high heels is increasing. The toe-open heels, like the one in the picture, which expose the back of the ankle, look very design-oriented and look good after they are assigned to a skirt. In fact, open-toed heels can be used to allocate women's skirts, tights or skirts.

High-heeled shoes at the bottom of water platform

The heels of high-heeled shoes with water platform sole initially extend from the toe to the back of the shoes, so they have heels both front and back, so their heightening effect is the best. In fact, this kind of shoes and thick heels have a similar visual sense, so they can be allocated with many leisure clothes, and it seems that they all appreciate the leisure. On the other hand, it has the advantage of not losing elegance like thick heels. High heels at the bottom of the platform always balance well with elegant clothes. High heels at the bottom of the platform can be allocated to the long skirt, making the wearer look taller (left), but it is not very good to be allocated to the short skirt.

Cusp high-heeled shoes

The pointed high heels are the main shoe in many girls'shoe cabinets. For decades, pointed high heels have always been the mainstream of high heels, and play a very good role in the distribution of many clothes. The only idea for readers is to buy a pair of shoes in a hurry, assuming there are no pointed shoes.


Slope heels are comfortable to wear, and people who can wear them look taller and taller. Short skirts will do a good job of distributing them. Assuming you're wearing a soft dress, you can use multiple layers of distribution to balance the whole.

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